Monday, March 30, 2009

Needs your trash

Forward from Paul Sargent, participant in Version >09

Dear Chicago friends,

On April 18th, I'll be rolling into town to build a river out of trash for this year's Version festival (will look like a ground-up variation on this: I could use your help as I won't have lots of time to collect trash on my own. If you could save for me any water-bearing items like:

plastic milk jugs
detergent and juice containers
large cans
those obnoxious plastic grocery bags
old plastic paint tarp type stuff
5-gallon paint-style buckets
cheap plastic sleds
watering cans and plastic flower pots
discarded children's toys
plastic and foil serving trays
trash cans
and other stuff that would be light, can be easily drilled, cut or reshaped, and will hold or carry water (like a riverbed) without leaking.

To create the sort of mountain landscape on top of which the riverbed will sit, I'll also need:
medium to giant sized cardboard boxes
milk crates
items like trunks, tool boxes, suitcases, etc
and other odd items that'd make for a visually interesting addition to a giant landscape of trash.

And, lastly, I'm looking for two video projectors, 3 DVD players, and a decent stereo PA/speaker system that I could use from April 20th to May 2nd. I'd like to avoid my usual buy-and-return tactic if possible so any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you (and here's hoping for your sakes that the snow is done for the year!).

paul sargent

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