Saturday, February 21, 2009

Please spread the word

Please send this call for participation to any interested individuals and networks.
At this time we are primarily seeking people that will create floats or projects for the Chicago Art Parade, host a booth or table at the NFO XPO, design and/or print posters for the Bridgeport WPA, and create murals, shelters or sculptures in the neighborhood of Bridgeport.

April 23 - MAY 2, 2009
Chicago, USA

Deadline for submissions: March 7, 2009

A parade, temporary housing structures, contemporary art space networking, video sweat lodge, an artist run art fair, A New Deal/No Deal neighborhood public arts initiative, a social networked free public school, impressive musical performances, boring theoretical nonsense, the revamping of a local community center, mapping projects, tours, a design agency for social movements, and korean polish bar-b-qing are just a few of the projects and phenomena we will present during Version>09 : Immodest Proposals April 23 to May 2, 2009.

Version>09: Immmodest Proposals has been announced to take place in Chicago April 23 through May 2, 2009. We want you to send us your immodest proposals. Visit our call for participation site for descriptions of platforms and instructions to submit projects.

Inquiries and contact:

Version Festival
960 w 31st street
Chicago Il 60608

Version is produced in part by Public Media Institute.

A status and organizational meeting will be held at the Co-Prosperity Sphere, Sunday February 22, 4pm-6:30pm.

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